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Letters Written by Clients to Dr. Rose

included on this page are letters written to Dr. Rose DiLeva by satisfied clients.

Dear Dr DiLeva and the wonderful staff,

   I wanted to thank you for all you did for Sagan during these last 4 months. You were all so kind and loving towards Sagan and me. I believe that without your help, Sagan’s life would have ended sooner and much less happy. Your care eased his struggle with walking and brought a smile back to his face. Being the kind of dog mom that I am, I couldn’t bear to see him unhappy. These last four months were a gift for me because I was able to spend a lot of time with him since it was my summer break. He left me knowing we had a great summer together. Plus, he was happy until the last few days. I always wondered if I’d know when he was ready and I did when he couldn’t get his smile and appetite back as he usually did after acupuncture, meds and rest.
The front of this card says time is very precious, and it’s so true. These last four months were a precious gift to us both…and I thank you for that. I’m now awaiting a sign from him telling me he’s happy again and glad for what I did for him. I just feel I will get some sort of sign.

I’m sure I’ll be back with Shay in the future. Some day Sagan will lead me to the perfect puppy that needs me too. I’m just so sad he’s gone, and that will take time.

Thank you, again !

Sue A.

Dear Dr. Rose and Staff,

What more can we say ?? There are no words to express the deep and heartfelt gratitude that we feel for all of you for the exceptional care and commitment that you showed while treating our boy, Kaiser. You were the hope and the light when there was none. You provided comfort and quality of life that no one else could, if only for a little while. Although we will continue to miss Kaiser for a very long time, we feel blessed that you all came into our lives and we look forward to continuing our new friendship that was forged by one very special dog. Please accept this contribution to help defray the cost of another client in need.

Theresa & Maryann

Dear Dr. DiLeva, Janet & Staff,

I just wanted to thank you for your care of Belle over the years. She was such a special part of my life for almost 20 years. I had decided to bring her to your facility because I felt there was a different level of care at your facility. You are certainly NOT like the other vets I’ve been to. I felt Belle could get the best care there in a nurturing environment.
Like I said, I wouldn’t have been able to take such good care of her without your help. We all agreed that giving her fluids helped to add years to her life. I’m so thankful I had those extra years with her. He is my best friend and I will miss her forever. I am forever grateful.

Thank you for all that you do and taking such good care of Belle. I always knew she was in good hands. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Sincerely, Kim C.

Dear Dr. Rose, Janet, Theresa & Chris,

I just wanted to thank all of you again for all the kindness shown to Kelly and me over the past 18 months. I know that Kelly enjoyed his visits and all the attention he received. I feel very strongly that the quality of his life was extended by his excellent care.

Buster is doing his best to fill the void left by Kelly’s absence. He seems to enjoy his “only dog” status because he now gets to go more places with me. As promised, he and I will stop in to say hello occasionally. I’ll miss keeping up with all of you on a weekly basis.

I hope on Wednesdays you’ll remember Kelton, “red-haired man” and former ball player. I love him and will forever miss him.

Affectionately, B.J.M.

Dear Dr Rose and Staff,

I would like to say a special “Thank You” to you and your dedicated team. I am truly grateful for all the expertise and compassion that you not only brought to Shadow and myself but for all the ongoing efforts and love you put into the present and future animal lovers.

Thank You , Thank You , Thank You !!

It is said “Ask and you will receive.” On the following AM of Shadows crossing over, I asked him to show me a sign………..…10 minutes later as I looked outside of my porch onto the morning dew of the horse pasture, he gave me his sign….Appearing in Front of My Eyes!! A “Rainbow Bridge”….

Time Stood Still…...

Blessings, Jule G. & The Spirit of Shadow

Dear Dr. DiLeva,

A much belated note to thank you for all you did to help Sandy. The extent of your knowledge and your open-minded approach to care are truly exceptional and exemplary (!), and have bolstered my faith that we will all once again be well. (Your practice is most aptly named !)

In addition, your obvious unconditional love of and regard for animals (and their mothers), and your gift of compassionate understanding are inspirational. It is impossible to convey the depth of appreciation I felt at your immediate response….
It is not surprising that your staff is also exceptional. Please convey my gratitude to Wanda and Janet. Their warm and competent manners complement your expertise.

I will call this week to discuss scheduling.

Sandy’s Mom.

Dear Dr. Rose,

We lost our poor angel last night…Yankee passed very peacefully and sudden. We want to thank you for your “miracle acupuncture” treatments….she came to life again right in front of our eyes thanks to you. We’ll never forget it. We’re convinced you gave her extra quality days. Tara and Janet are two of the most wonderful people we’ve come across. Janet always welcomes your call, always making you feel it’s okay to call and to call back if you have any other questions- any….and Tara with her gentle nature and the way she talked to Yankee and us just made us feel like she was in the best of hands with you two as a team.

Lorraine and Kevin.

Dear Dr. DiLeva,

Thank you all for giving me extra time with my, dear, sweet LC. Her time there with you was something she enjoyed and allowed us some special time together. It felt like an extra gift I could give to her.

You are all so friendly and compassionate. Never having to wait in a room full of other dogs didn’t go unnoticed. You recognized us the minute we walked in and were attentive to every need (a quilt to lay on, a pat, a scratch etc.). Thank you.

Sally L.

Dear Dr. Rose and Staff,

Ken and I want to thank you for all your help with Yoshi over these past months. I know that all your efforts made his remaining time with us more comfortable and less stressful.

We are especially grateful for the way the entire staff always made such a big fuss over him and gave him lots of treats. We will probably never own another dog with a temperament so loving, sweet and gentle. Thanks again for all your care and concern.

Best wishes to all for the New Year.

Diane & Ken P.

Dear Dr. Rose, Janet & Staff,

We think of you so often and want to thank you for caring for Dandelion. You kept him going for two years after his hips gave out. The best part was that he had fun and enjoyed himself ! We miss our trips to see you and we do miss him so much. Thank you.

The B. Family

Dear Dr. Rose, Janet, Theresa & Chris,
Susan and I wanted to thank you all for the great care that you provided to Max over the years. The last 3 years have been a true gift and without all that you did we would not have shared more time with Max. Thanks for everything.

T. & S.

Dear Dr. Rose,

I’m sorry to write and tell you that Regis has passed away. Regis was able to live a good and happy life (and a very long life) because of you. Regis was the joy of our lives and we will miss him every day.

God blessed us when he sent us to you! Thank you for everything you did for him and us.

Sincerely, Fran & John F.

Dear Dr. Rose,

Words cannot express my feelings for all that you did for Prince. He was a wonderful friend but I truly believe he just ran out of fight. Thank you for being there and for the lengths that you went to helping him to be well again. Unfortunately, he was not to be with us long. I’m trying to get through and I think of him often.

I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re a terrific vet and a wonderful person. Thank you for making Prince’s passing peaceful and for being there for me.

Best Wishes, Diane M.

Dr. Rose, Janet & Candace,
We cannot thank you enough for all of the love, support and calls that you provided to Amber during the past year. She loved visiting you and especially appreciated the sweet potato chips during her treatments. Thank you in helping her through her last few months and for always being there for us too.

Fred & Jackie B.

Dear Dr. Rose, Janet, Theresa and Chris,

I want you to know how much I appreciate all your skilled care and kindness to Mr. Dutch. He did have a good long life and was given an extra year plus by Dr Rose and her expertise that I never thought would be possible. Just after I had bilateral hip replacement, my son convinced me I needed a dog. Dutch really became my resident physical therapist, as we had to walk many times and every day, and every direction from my house is up hill, of course. He was my early warning system that someone was coming down the lane out here in the country, but most of all he was a kind and lovable companion. You know all this that we dog owners say. I want to make sure you know how much admiration I have for Dr. Rose’s knowledge, skills and techniques.

And you, her staff, really seem to care about the patients.

Since Dutch won’t be stealing any tomatoes from the garden this summer, I’ll have to make sure you get his share!

Gloria W.

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