Rube Blanch

I don’t know where to begin, but this is the story of our little dog Rube. He’s half Shitzu and half Poodle. He’s had back problems since he was 1½ years old. He’s 3 years old now.

About 3 months ago he jumped out of my husband’s truck and hurt his back again. He was in severe pain and was having trouble walking. We immediately took him to our vet. They took x-rays. He had some ruptured discs and some calcification between some discs. They begain to treat him with medication, and we made an appointment for a recheck.

His problem steadily got worse. He became completely paralyzed in his back legs. After our third recheck with no improvement our veterinarian suggested surgery, which was very expensive, and it was not guaranteed to be successful and honestly not affordable to us. It was so hard to see him crying and in so much pain.

We were on the verge of considering having him euthanized when my husband told me about a guy who had a dog with similar problems. He had spent thousands on surgery and when that didn’t work he took his dog to Dr. Rose DiLeva for acupuncture and it worked. My husband called him and he gave us her phone number.

We had both been in tears every night thinking about losing our little friend. We made an appointment with Dr. DiLeva. It was our last effort because we hated seeing him in so much pain. After our first visit he stopped crying every night in pain. After our second visit he was walking again. We took him back to our regular vet for a recheck. He could not believe it! Rube was wagging his tail and walking.

He said it was a miracle. It wasn’t a miracle. It was Dr. DiLeva’s acupuncture. It does work. Our whole family is grateful beyond words to Dr. DiLeva and her staff. They have made us so happy to have our little friend back.


Burt and Janie Blanch and Family

Janet's Story

     “Dr.Rose Dileva has been an answer to our prayers, when our 100 lb, 12yr old German Shepherd/Lab mix suddenly showed signs of hind leg paralysis. Xrays confirmed the diagnosis of severe OA and onset of DM from another vet. He’d been taking pain meds,but wasn’t improving. Not ready to say goodbye, we opted for therapeutic help. Dr.Dileva started weekly acupuncture and prescribed Chinese herbs/holistic glucosamine/chondroitin. His mobility and leg strength seem to be better, considering 2weeks ago he could barely stand. Her costs are very reasonable, considering the other vets charged ridiculous prices just to walk in the door and then hit you with over inflated prices on meds that we found out have debilating as side effects!!! (Rimadryl, Caprofen) Note: he’s not cured, but he is moving/feeling better, thanks to her treatments!!! Simple things like his tail wagging were a surprise! Happier dog is the goal. Thank you, Dr.Dileva!”
-Janet Lyle

Jackson's Story

Our experience started on March 16, 2010, when our dog, Jackson, unexpectedly became paralyzed in his back half. He was taken to an emergency vet, stayed for 2 days, and was released with a pretty dismal prognosis.

Dr. Fritz, his regular doctor, referred us to Animal Wellness Center. He started acupuncture treatments on March 23rd, 2 times a week. When he started he could not walk, couldn’t control his bladder or bowel and was on many meds. After each treatment with Dr. Rose DiLeva, Jackson would show steady progress. He is now receiving once every 2 weeks treatments and is up on all fours, going outside to “potty” and walking!! (and running).

He’s a happy dog again and even enjoys walks again! He went for his first dip in the pool this past weekend which I think is great therapy! All of this amazing recovery couldn’t have been possible without the treatment from Dr. DiLeva!!


Diane and Richard Burch and family (and Gizmo and Penny…the brother and sister to Jackson) July 14, 2010

Freckles, Scooter, and Dobby's Story

My dogs and I have been clients and fans of the Animal Wellness Center for nearly 4 years now. After going to various traditionally trained veterinarians, I was not happy with the results. I had read a lot about alternative modalities for our animal companions and began the search for a vet who had it all. That brought me to Dr. Rose DiLeva and her excellent staff.

My first exposure was when I had two adult male Cocker Spaniels suffering from various skin aliments. Other vets had given them antibiotics and steroids which did very little. Dr. Rose recommended allergy testing, which we did. From there, we moved to acupuncture and Chinese herbs along with traditional medicine for other problems incurred. They improved enough to give them a better quality of life.

Now I have a Lhasa Apso-terrier mix. (All my dogs had been rescue dogs). He is undergoing acupuncture treatments for herniated disc disease. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with this precious life. He loves going to the vet and is very calm and peaceful while there.

While I value the medical expertise of the staff and variety of modalities from which to choose in healing, what I value most is the way my pets and I are treated by the staff. I feel, for the first time, like I am a partner in the health and care of my dogs. I am treated with respect. My questions and suggestions are taken seriously and thoughtfully. My dog (s) and I are always greeted with smiles and personal greetings. We have never had to wait nor have we been in a waiting room filled with other animals. We are given personal attention and are treated as if we are the only clients on any given day.

I couldn’t be more pleased and I plan to be a client for as long as I have pets. More than that, I consider Janet, Chris, Teresa, and Dr. Rose to be part of my extended family. The best part!

I would recommend Dr. Rose and the Animal Wellness Center to anyone wanting a caring, proficient, professional, personable place for their pets.

On behalf of Freckles and Scooter, who have left this earth, and on behalf of Dobby who plans to be around for a long time yet, I thank you, Dr. Rose, Janet, Teresa, and Chris for all you do!

Carol Lurty

Gracie's Story

Our Old English sheepdog, Gracie, contracted a tick borne disease (canine babesiosis / encephalitis meningitis). She became very ill. She lost her balance and could not walk, she could not keep her food down, her eyes darted back and forth and she had no energy. These symptoms occurred rapidly and it took several visits to a number of veterinarians to determine exactly what caused her illness. She was eventually treated by a neurology specialist and given a heavy dose of steroids and anti-biotics which probably saved her life. She began to recover but still had very little energy and lost a lot of her beautiful coat. We were just grateful that she had survived. A friend recommended that we take Gracie to see Dr. Rose Di Leva at the Animal Wellness Center in Chadds Ford, PA. When we went to see Dr. Rose Di Leva for our first appointment, Gracie walked very slowly into the office, patches of her coat were very thin and she kept her head down.

Dr. Rose Di Leva began a combination of traditional medication, herbal medication and acupuncture over a period of about 4 months. She also initiated blood tests at a national university to insure that Gracie had been properly diagnosed and that she knew exactly what had caused her condition. We followed Dr. Rose Di Leva ‘s wellness plan including positive thoughts. We changed Gracie’s food to a healthy brand after Dr. Rose Di Leva pointed out the ingredients of the food we were using. Week by week Gracie visibly improved. Her coat returned to its original sheen and thickness, her herding gait returned and after each acupuncture treatment, she had the energy of a puppy. Five years later, Gracie is now 7 years old and up to her old tricks. She herds our two cats, guards the house loudly and when it snows, we have to urge her back in the house as she loves to run and roll in the snow. Gracie gets a couple of wellness treatments with Dr. Rose Di Leva during the year as a special treat. Gracie knows when she is going for a well visit and runs up the ramp to the office.
Gracie has made friends with all of Dr. Rose Di Leva ‘s staff and loves her wellness visits. Gracie paid Dr. Rose Di Leva the ultimate compliment by squeezing between her legs and wagging – that’s the way Gracie hugs and she only does it with her best friends. That alone speaks more about Dr. Rose Di Leva, than anything we could describe.

Thank you Dr. Rose Di Leva for extending our time with Gracie and bringing back her quality of life.

Ken & Kathy Messer
Clayton, DE

Biddles and Chelsea's Story

Our dog, “Biddles”, is a four year old black lab. He was about 2 ½ when we first visited Dr. Rose DiLeva’s office. “Biddles” would limp any time he played really hard…..which was quite often. After taking a Doggie Massage Course through the West Chester Adult Education Program in the spring of 2003, we were introduced by Christine Shaughness, the instructor, to Dr. Rose and the Wonderful World of Acupuncture.

To say we were skeptical in the beginning is putting it mildly. Holistic medicine and herbs were totally new to us. But, lo and behold, Biddles’limp started to improve. After several months of fairly regular visits, we were able to work out a routine visit every 6-8 weeks. This, in addition to one joint support pill a day, has improved Biddles’ condition 150%! Sometimes he still does play too hard and maybe will limp a little, but by the next day, he’s cured and ready to go. Not that his limp ever kept him from running or playing……it was just sad to see such a young pup in that condition. Our primary vet suggested a Bayer aspirin daily, but we didn’t want to possibly mask a deeper problem. Fortunately, we found Dr. Rose and the Animal Wellness Center. In addition to helping our “Biddles”, she and her terrific staff have helped us in adopting a wonderful cat: Josie Rose (named after Dr. DiLeva) in 2003 and Ruby (a four year old chocolate lab) in 2004. And if all of this isn’t enough to convince you of her extraordinary healing power, there is our Chelsea…….

Chelsea is our now almost 15 year old tabby cat, who began having litter box issues. Always good about finding her box…wherever it was moved to, Chelsea began missing and urinating outside the box. First we thought it might be a behavior issue….since we had been adding pets to our family, then we thought it might be a urinary infection, for which she was checked and this ruled out, next we thought perhaps arthritis or dementia and our primary vet placed her on Cosequin and another sedating medicine.

While this helped for awhile, we just didn’t like having to medicate her so heavily. As a mother of six kitties, I decided to subscribe to Cat Fancy magazine, where I read about acupuncture helping with arthritis and incontinence with geriatric felines. So….off to Dr. Rose we went. Chelsea, who normally has to be sedated to receive her annual check-up, was calm as can be, allowing Dr. Rose to examine her and place needles strategically in her skin. The results have been both dramatic and amazing. The elimination issue has all but cleared up and Chelsea is running around, playing and jumping up on tables, beds, pillows etc.

These are things she hadn’t done in over 3 years! My husband and I feel so very fortunate to have been able to enlist the services of Dr. Rose DiLeva. Anyone who truly loves their pets and considers them to be a member of the family will not be disappointed with the results of this approach.

Thank You for everything Dr. Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed and Judy Reynolds and Our Gang: Chelsea, Biddles, Tilly, Josie, Raja, Ruby, Muffin and Bayleigh

Sidney's Story

Sidney, my Sheltie, has noticed positive improvement in his mobility and movements (walking, able to jump into car or on sofa.) Prior to coming to Dr. DiLeva for treatment with acupuncture and herbs his quality of life was negatively affected. He had difficulty getting up and down from a lying position to standing (pain.) Sidney and his mother (Linda,) are very pleased with his response to his treatment. He is now on maintenance treatment. Thank you, Dr. DiLeva for giving Sidney back his happy, curious, active spirit.

Linda Whiting

Willow's Story

I can’t say enough. Dr. Rose DiLeva and her staff took very good care of our little boy, Willow, for most of his 9½ years. Dr. Rose saved him every time as he tried to use up all his 9 lives. Now a stray has come to us and she just had her first visit with Dr. Rose. As always everyone here is the best, thorough, professional and fun. I wouldn’t take any animal that I cared abou tto any other veterinarian.

Theresa Ritzu, Avis Elinsky and Cleo

Belle's Story

I brought Belle to Dr. Di Leva in her elder years. I originally saw an ad for her in a Yoga Living magazine I believe. I, myself had just recently experienced personal relief from allergies and illness from acupuncture. I thought how wonderful it would be for my kitty to experience this as well. Since Belle was a senior, we did some acupuncture treatments for arthritis and for some behavioral issues as well. I was amazed how calm and relaxed Belle was after her treatments. She really liked it! I also liked that the office had very relaxing music playing for the animals. It helped Belle rid of the normal “tensions” of going to see the vet.

As well as receiving acupuncture, Belle had her regular check-ups and teeth cleanings with Dr. Rose. After a few years, Dr. Rose noticed some abnormal blood work for Belle. The tests indicated she was in premature kidney failure. This seems to be somewhat common for cats as they get older, as Belle was about 17 years old at the time. Dr. Rose suggested we try subcutaneous fluids with some vitamins in them.She said this would help to preserve the good working cells in her kidneys and keep them healthy. So, we began using the fluids, at first every other day and then eventually every day.

Before we started fluids, I could see Belle was starting to slow down a lot. She was much more fatigued, and not as active as she was before.She also would be very thirsty, drink a lot more water than usual, as well as have symptoms of nausea ,vomiting and constipation. The fluids really seemed to help with these issues. I have friends who had cats with similar problems, and their vets had suggested to have their animals put down at age 16 or 17, which they did. The vets really offered no treatment for the kitty’s kidneys other than diet change and/or euthanasia.

As more time passed, Belle’s blood was taken periodically to check her progress. Since she had started the fluids, it really had seemed to slow the onset of further damage to her kidneys. Her levels would remain about the same for a while. One instance about 4 years after starting fluids, indicated that her liver enzymes were elevated, and Dr. Rose suggested a liver tincture to give her every day. We later followed that up by adding some herbs for arthritis. These herbs seemed to help prevent further deterioration and alleviate any discomfort she had in her joints and hips. As more time passed, Belle needed some help using the litter box and Dr. Rose suggested another medication that helped her a lot as well.

Belle passed away at 22 years young, nearly 5.5 years after starting her subcutaneous fluids. She lived a wonderful, long life. I truly believe that Dr. Rose helped to extend Belle’s life for at least 5 years, if not more. And those years were mostly great, quality time for her. She would perk up after I would give her fluids, chase her tail and enjoy going outside to play. Up until the very end, she was even able to climb stairs and jump onto the window sill to watch the birds outside. She was amazing for such a little old lady!

I was so grateful that we found Dr. Rose and we were able to spend more time with Belle because of the treatments she offers. Belle was my best friend, and I feel she received the best possible care at Dr. Rose’s office. Belle was very feisty and not always easy to handle, but Dr. Rose and staff handled her with grace and finesse. I didn’t feel like we were just a number in their office. I truly felt they cared. And for that I am always grateful. Belle was certainly in good hands for the remaining years of her life.

Kim Carlson

Hunny's Story

I started bringing my dog, Hunny, here for acupuncture treatments about 8 months ago. I have been so impressed by the care and attention she receives from not only Dr. Rose, but the entire staff. Everyone who works here is so friendly and cheerful and caring. We are always greeted with a smile and my dog feels so comfortable and relaxed around the staff.

The acupuncture treatments have done wonders for her back legs as she is able to get up and down and walk without any discomfort. I am so glad I found the Animal Wellness Center and Dr DiLeva. We live in Drexel Hill so it is a bit of a drive but it is definitely worth the trip and we always look forward to our visits here and will continue to come for as long as we need to!

Amy Burke and Hunny

Fluffy's Story

Fluffy was an exquisite, intelligent yet feisty little Persian girl who will always be remembered as “The Sister”…

In late summer of 2006 Fluffy started to act oddly – Ravenous appetite, hyperactivity and up all night meowing and squeaking. She was diagnosed by my conventional vet as having hyperthyroidism and started medication. While her thyroid appeared to be stabilized she appeared sick and to be growing more frail. I requested more comprehensive blood work and it was found that Fluffy had chronic renal failure. I was devastated, not to mention angry that the underlying disease had not been identified and that time had passed and had negatively impacted Fluffy’s health. Her diet was changed – She hated the kidney diet food. Fluffy was losing more weight – She was a petite and could not afford to lose the weight. I was told to “get her to eat.” That clearly was not working – No one gets a cat to do anything!

After much of my ongoing late-night research and reviewing medical data and reading the stories of hopelessness for cats with CRF, I somehow came across the website for the Animal Wellness Center and Dr. Rose DiLeva, who worked with tough and often hopeless cases. I called and talked with one of the vet techs and shared my story and made an appointment. I brought in all of the labs results and medical records. Dr. DiLeva took the time to review all the information closely and put the pieces together. Fluffy was treatable, but needed immediate intervention.

Fluffy began to receive acupuncture and was prescribed a kidney tincture to be taken twice per day in conjunction with her thyroid medication. She began to eat a homemade diet of chicken and rice – No canned food. She also was given supplements of Omega 3 and vitamins, which I am convinced, made a huge difference in her sustenance and quality of life. Fluffy was acting like her old feisty self! She gained some weight and her fur was shiny and soft once more.

The progression of Fluffy’s disease was slowed. And, as she did progress I learned how to administer sub-Q fluids first once then twice per day – I never thought I could learn how to do that. I felt more empowered to help my dear friend. I could actually participate and make an impact in her treatment. Although caring for a cat with CRF is indeed a roller coaster, I felt assured that I was doing everything in my power to support Fluffy and to offer her an extended quality of life. I was no longer a powerless bystander, watching my dearest friend deteriorate, but a partner in her care.

Through working with the Animal Wellness Center I became well educated about CRF and its challenges. Fluffy hit a few other tough crises which come along with older age – arthritis being one of them. Throughout the whole process, she was treated by Dr. DiLeva with the best of conventional methods and combined with alternative ones. It was a process of focus and strategy — not common in much of healthcare let alone in the care of animals. I believe that Fluffy would have died not long after her diagnosis of CRF had she not received this combined care. I was aware that we came to a dead end fairly early on within the conventional veterinary medicine approach – As there were no other options offered. But, there was movement and quality to be experienced through getting back to basics and inviting age old Chinese methods into the treatment. Fluffy responded very well to them.

Fluffy died on April 14, 2010 at the age of 17 years old. We had well over two additional years together from that initial visit with the Animal Wellness Center. Dr. DiLeva and her staff were very compassionate and informative through all the stages of Fluffy’s treatment – And, I learned a lot about caring for a pet with a chronic disease – As well as about how to be with the process and to support it in a natural respectful way.

In reflection, I feel as though I learned and grew from this experience — What it meant to care for a dependent and innocent animal. I can also see the limits and gaps of conventional care. Not that it is “bad” — it is just incomplete – And, can be very transactional and cold. It also often does not acknowledge the finer details and building blocks of health or the special bond of relationship between an animal and a person. I feel that both Fluffy and I were both supported and cared for through her disease and that we had an additional two plus joyous years together as a result. Although the time we have never feels like quite enough, I feel certain that we were given the gift of more – And, I am deeply grateful.

Paula Tropiano

Jack's Story

In August, 2009, our 12 year old Golden, Jack, tore his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and could not put any pressure on his leg. His vet said that surgery was the only option. After researching the surgery I decided that I did not want to put Jack through that ordeal. Enter Dr. Rose DiLeva.

We began acupuncture treatments and meds (for pain and healing). Originally Jack came every week for treatments and then every other week until now we come every 3 weeks. Jack can walk again and lives a very happy, normal life. He climbs stairs, rides in the car and plays with other dogs. I honestly believe that had Jack had the surgery he would not have survived.

Thanks to Dr. Rose and her very loving, kind staff, our Jack is doing great. I am so grateful to her and would recommend her services to anyone.

Marge Richards

Greta's Story

My dog, Greta, was 10 years old when she got arthritis and could barely stand up. The vet gave us pain killers but they did not help. My mother’s friend gave us Animal Wellness Center information because their dog was being treated for arthritis and some other medical problems. They praised that Dr Rose made a huge difference for their dog.

The first acupuncture treatment for Greta was amazing. She left the office and was running and playing like she was 6 years old again. Ever since the change Greta gets acupuncture treatments regularly. My husband was so amazed at how Greta was acting and walking that he now gets acupuncture for His back and arms.

The quality of life that Greta now has is all because of Dr. Rose and the Animal Wellness Center. I truly don’t think Greta would be with us today, 2 years later, if she did not see Dr. Rose. Our vet told me Greta would probably be “put down” due to her arthritis. I refused to accept that outcome and now we don’t. Greta was recently diagnosed with cancer and with the help of Dr. Rose and the Animal Wellness Center I am confident we will “WIN”. Thank you, Dr. Rose

Heather Tackitt (Greta’s Mom)

Velvet's Story

My dog, Velvet, has a history of hip and knee problems. Over the past 4 years she has been getting acupuncture treatments. I started coming here to Dr DiLeva last summer. I have seen an improvement in her since that time. Since starting here, Velvet has learned to enjoy her treatments.

In Feb. Velvet slipped in the snow. She was limping badly, having trouble getting up and could not get on the sofa. At that time she started moxibustion treatments (warming up the acupuncture needles). After getting weekly treatments I have seen an improvement in her walking and ability to get up.

What amazes me is that Velvet really seems to enjoy her treatments and relaxes during them. She never did that before.

Six weeks ago I didn’t know if anything would help Velvet. At her age I don’t want her to go through any more surgery. But I feel so good about her progress and the fact that we can go for walks again it has been worth the time it takes to drive here from New Castle, Delaware.

Joan Foster

Bubba's Story

My experience at the Animal Wellness center has been an extremely positive one. Before my Bulldog even turned two, he was diagnosed with arthritis, hip dysplasia and allergies. Right away my vet put him on medication which made him overweight and lethargic. His hip pain prevented him from running, playing and walking up the steps to jump on my bed. That’s when I researched and found Dr Rose DiLeva.

After receiving acupuncture and supplements from Dr DiLeva, Bubba was a new dog within two months. It is a miracle ! He is running and playing with no pain. He is treated like a king from the entire friendly staff. He loves his treatment and begins yawning from the very first inserted needle. After a blood test we found out what Bubba is allergic to and he rarely has outbreaks now.

The Animal Wellness Center is a little piece of heaven on earth. It has made my and Bubba’s nightmare disappear. Thank you, Dr. Rose and the whole staff. Bubba and I are forever grateful

Alexis Wilson and Bubba

"Princess" Stone

I have a Basenji who has major skin issues (dry skin) and although it has improved through her raw diet and Omega oil, she still had red, dry irritated skin that she would scratch until it bled.

I tried Dr. Rose’s Remedies on her and within one day her scratching subsided, her skin healed. It was truly a miracle and way more than I expected from this product. I use it prophylactically now. When she sees the product, she comes voluntarily and sits (she does this for NOTHING else except food) while I put it on her.

I know if she could talk, she would say “thank you!” By the way, I use it for our dry skin as well and it is better than any lotion we have purchased.

I would like to purchase this by the case! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Heidi Stone
“Princess” Stone

Daisy's Story

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daisy and I am a thirteen-year-old spayed female lab Doberman mix. I live on a farm with my “brothers” Rupert and Fonzie. Here I take great delight in walking around the hay field, digging for moles, chasing bunnies and, of course, chasing skunks. Although I have some problems that come with my age, regular acupuncture treatments help me cope.
The night of Feb 12th, 2008 my world started spinning and turning upside down.

By morning, I couldn’t get up without help. I walked in circles. My eyes were rolling in my head. It felt like I just rode every roller coaster and all the spinning rides at Great Adventure. What was happening to me ?! I was rushed to my local vet for evaluation. My person was told I was experiencing all the classic symptoms of “old dog” vestibular disease. I spent three days there on fluids and meds to make me comfortable, while the effects of the “disease” ran its course and I started to stabilize. Saturday was my discharge day and I was still in such bad shape that my person wanted to euthanize me thinking I could never recover. They had a “wait and see” attitude so my life was spared. I was immediately taken to Animal Wellness Center for treatment. Once again, my person wanted to euthanize me but Dr. DiLeva persuaded her to give me a chance, as an almost total recovery is possible. It just takes time. Dr. DiLeva treated me with Myofacial release (MFR), reiki, and acupuncture and sent me home with “special” fluids. I was seen every four days for treatment, with moxibustion treatments being added. My progress was slow but Dr. DiLeva and my person never gave up on me, nor did I give up on myself. My person said she didn’t realize how much “personal fortitude” I had to recover.

Today, two months after the onset, I am about 95% my old self. The disease usually leaves some “after effects”. My head tilt is just about gone. I no longer need help getting up or using the stairs. I have a little depth perception problem and sometimes when I shake my head or when I get excited I lose my balance.

My family firmly believes that if it were not for Dr. DiLeva and her healing modalities that I would not have recovered so well. The best part is I once again can sneak a drink from the toilet (when no one is around to see me), I can beg from the table (a nasty habit I learned from Rupert), I can chase skunks (makes my family real happy), and I can once again enjoy my favorite treats (did you ever try to eat something when your head is tilted?). THANK YOU DR. DI LEVA !!!!!!!!!


Cassidy's Struggles

I’m very sorry to hear about your Cassidy’s struggles. I hope that her surgery goes well and that she has a quick recovery.

I wanted to recommend our amazing vet, Dr. Rose DiLeva. Dr. Rose is an accomplished vet in both eastern and western vet medicine. You can find Dr Rose via her web site which is https://altpetdoc.com.

I cannot express how wonderful it was to take our rabbit, October J, to Dr Rose in the last weeks of his life. He was vibrant to the very end, and I believe it was due, in part, to Dr Rose. She was an incredible provider for October J’s well being as well as ours. Each appointment left us feeling hopeful for his future and energized to see this whole process–even his passing–as something that we could experience at every level with courage, love, grace and dignity.

All of my friends who go to her for the care of their companion animals feel similarly. She has helped some friend’s dogs overcome cancer, others relieve joint pain or just the struggles of age. And all of these beloved animals, in living and dying, have been held in the grace, love, hope, and support of not only their human companions, but of this great doctor and her awesome staff. Truly, she helped us offer our best to these wonderful companion animals in every moment, with love and clarity.

I cannot say enough about how great Dr. Rose is, and how thankful I am to have taken my sweet rabbit there. I hope that you find help and hope there, too.

Many blessings on your family in this time!
In love and hope,

Underbelly Relief

My husband brought our young Doberman to you for acupuncture for her false pregnancy. You happened to notice that her underbelly was very red and sore looking. You gave my husband a container of skin salve that he said you had developed yourself (DrRosesRemedies) It worked wonders and the redness was almost gone in a couple of days.
Thanks again.

Jane Barcus

Dr. Rose's Healing Salve

Dr. DiLeva,
As one of your employees, I have been fortunate enough to watch your healing salve work miracles on many animals, some of which would be euthanized if something wasn’t found to help them soon. Given that experience, I obviously use it on all four of my animals for scratches, rashes, itchy ears, tick bites, and incisions. It always helps them feel better and heal more quickly. As a veterinary technician, I acquire my share of scratches and cuts on the job, as well as at home. The salve helps me just as well! Scratches heal faster and don’t itch as they normally would. A few months ago, I received a bad scratch on my face from a large breed puppy who runs about 85 pounds. We thought it might need stitches, but I just applied your salve repeatedly throughout the day, and it healed up within about a week! I don’t even have a scar!

Technician friends at other veterinary hospitals are now hooked on your salve as well. One in particular raves about it not only for her many cats, but for herselfl! My husband is an avid cyclist, and I think this product would be ideal for saddle sores and the road rash they sometimes get on long rides or from falls. I’ve also spoken to a friend who runs a farm nearby for use on the horses in her care. And your salve is a must in our first aid kits. The uses are truly endless! And once a person has seen the results on their animals, it doesn’t take them long to make the connection that they will benefit from using it too!

Thank you for inventing such an amazing, helpful and incredibly easy-to-use product.

Most sincerely,
Wendy C. Sheeran

Mr. Winston's Story

On October 4, 2006 “Mr. Winston” came to visit Dr. Rose DiLeva after an unfortunate sofa incident left him without the use of his hind legs. “Mr. Winston”, an otherwise healthy 4- year- old “tweeny” short hair dachshund had recently been administered a steroid shot as a result of bulging discs in his spine. Without going into detail, “Mr. Winston” was feeling spunky and jumped off our sofa and in doing so caused further damage to his back which resulted in paralysis of his hind legs.

Not knowing what to do, we decided to keep him in his crate overnight and hope that this was just a stinger that would loosen up overnight. In the morning our worst fears came to fruition with no change in Winston’s back legs. After realizing that he would not heal on his own, we explored our options and gravitated to holistic treatment as opposed to the expensive traditional surgery. After combing the yellow pages, we came across Dr. Rose’s ad and Animal Wellness Center, which caught our attention. We were able to make an appointment just several hours after making contact with her office. Little did we know that “Mr. Winston” was about to embark on an incredible journey that far exceeded our expectations.

“Winston” arrived and was checked out by Dr. Rose DiLeva who determined from x-rays that he was suffering from bulging and herniated discs in his lumbar region. She administered a round of acupuncture and prescribed a plethora of herbs and organic medicines to administer to “Mr. Winston” on a daily basis. Our four-year-old Dachshund looked like a little old man with all the pills he was about to take. After the first visit we were unable to see a change in his status, which caused mild concern even though we were advised that it could be a short while before the herbs and acupuncture started to perform. Needless to say, after several weeks “Mr. Winston” has had in our eyes a miraculous recovery without the need for invasive surgery.

Although he will never be the same spunky little guy that we knew, he now has full functioning back legs that work quite well. At this point in time (11/06), we visit Dr. Rose every 10 days for an acupuncture treatment and are hoping to extend the time between visits in the near future. We have been able to reduce the dosage on some of his herbs during this healing period. According to Dr. Rose, the most important aspect of our treatment was the early recognition that “Mr. Winston” was a prime candidate for successful acupuncture treatment. We owe Dr. Rose DiLeva and her staff a great deal of gratitude for her assistance in bringing back our dear friend from an injury that caused great concern for us.

Thank you.

“Mr. Winston’s” parents, Jason & Emily K.

Piglet's story

Piglet is my spayed female lab-collie mix born on March 18, 1995. At approximately 10 months of age she was kicked by a horse to the left side of her head – full impact probably would have killed her. It happened on a weekend and she was taken to an emergency facility to be checked. She had a slightly bloody nose (left nostril only) for a couple of days and a twitch to her left eye for a few weeks.

The facility failed to note a hairline jaw fracture. Puppy hood and early adulthood were uneventful except for reoccurring ear infections, mostly on the left side. Many times an ear wash was not effective and Clavamox was prescribed. Spring/summer 2004 I noticed that she would no longer take a biscuit out of my hand. She preferred to go lay down and have me put the treat in front of her. She would lick it to soften it and then bite it with her front teeth. Sept 2004, she was diagnosed with TMJ and  arthritis of the jaw by Dr. F. It was determined that the hairline fracture misaligned her jaw, causing the problem At this time was she put on 4 Cosequin DS and 3/4 tablet of Deramaxx per day .I made a biscuit “crusher” that allowed me to smash her biscuits so she could still enjoy her favorite treats. Soon she stopped being able to bark (she never was much of a watchdog) and she could no longer yawn. When you scratched her head she would “smile” – soon this stopped. Christmas, 2005 she started to make a whistling sound. I was referred by my local vet to Dr. S. and he erformed a scope procedure that showed a perforated ear drum and a hole in her Eustachian tube. She never “appeared” sick – the infection was going down her throat instead of out her ear or nose. Jan, 2006 she underwent a procedure to close off the left ear and repair the hole in the Eustachian tube. Feb, 2006 she underwent another procedure to close off the Eustachian tube. In Aug, 2006 she had another procedure that showed another abscess in the old Eustachian tube area. She was put on Clavamox for six weeks. On Sept. 12, 2006 she had another procedure to create a stoma on the side of her face. Because of the area being near her jaw, she popped stitches several times and had to have the tube realigned several times.

Each time she needed realignment and her jaw had to be “opened” more than normal to allow for the intubation, it took her longer and longer to get back to her normal dinner routine. After another procedure in mid October to realign the tube, she was so painful I had to call for pain medication for her. It took a few days before she could drink water or lap up diluted canned cat food without crying and it took about 10 days before she was back to her normal dinner of canned/dry food. At a subsequent check up I was referred to Dr. Rose DiLeva of Animal Wellness Center.

Dr. Rose is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner. Piglet’s first chiropractic and acupuncture appointment was 10/28/06. After three treatments, I noticed a difference in her. She started to “smile” again, and started to bark (still not much of a watch dog). On Nov. 15th she had the procedure to remove the tube that created the stoma. She had a chiropractic and acupuncture treatment the morning before that procedure. As usual after such a procedure, she spent the night at the Referral Center because I live too far away if anything happened. While there I know she doesn’t eat or drink. After I picked her up the next day, on my way home I stopped at a KFC to get take out for my daughter and I for dinner. We ate while watching TV and Piglet came over to me looking for a “handout” – something she hadn’t done in years! She ate some mashed potatoes out of my hand. At “doggy dinner time” she ate some diluted canned cat food and wanted more. She had never exhibited and appetite or been able to eat this soon after such a procedure. Within a couple of days she was back to her normal canned/dry dinner. After only three chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, I have noticed a change in her personality, a sparkle in her eyes, a “smile” and a renewed bounce in her step. She once again enjoys car rides to WaWa, taking a walk (she was a satellite dish for Halloween) and yesterday she got to enjoy a “crushed” biscuit.

My take on an old commercial
Gas and bridge tolls $$$
Vet visits, medicines $$$$$
Surgery, Diagnostic Tests, chiropractic, acupuncture $$$$$$
Watching your family pet get her life back – PRICELESS !!!!!!!

Brenda, “Jessi” & “Piglet”

Simply stated, Dr.DiLeva is my miracle.

After 3 years of misdiagnosis from numerous veterinarians, my dog finally has hope and health. Dr.DiLeva stops at nothing to find a cure, not simply applying useless “band aids” to temporarily halt the symptoms. In her “gentile toughness” she suggests, thinks and acts. The animal world should give her sainthood. Through herbs, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine you can rest assured know that your animal will receive a new life. She stops at nothing!

Even a simple cut led me to a discovery. I witnessed how my dogs’ wound healed so quickly with the help of her healing salve so, I decided to use it on a razor cut of mine, which severed my artery. The human doctors were amazed at
the rate in which my wound healed and that the feeling came back so quickly. I will never be without her salve in my home. Again, Dr. DiLeva is a gift. When I look into my dog’s eyes, I know she is the reason they speak of happiness and health. Bless her and her truly patient, kind and giving staff. Nacine S. and “Varga” * Note from Dr. DiLeva: Varga was born in December of 2000 and is an unneutered male German Shepard weighing approximately 100 lbs. (and has always been a pleasure to work with). Varga originally came to me for uncontrolled seizures in spite of being on conventional medication. Varga’s seizures were everyday and numerous times a day at one point. Presently Varga has not had a seizure in over 8 months. If he has one it is short in duration, not as severe, he recovers quicker than before and is off all conventional medication. 

He now comes in for acupuncture treatments on an as needed basis.

Mikey's Story

I have a long haired Dachshund named Mikey who is now 16 years of age (as of Dec.2006), and doing very well. Five years ago, he had a Myelogram of his neck and has some problems in his disc in that area. It was recommended that he see Dr. Rose DiLeva, at the Animal Wellness Center in Chadds Ford, Pa. for Acupuncture. Over the years, Dr. DiLeva has also treated Mikey with VOM (veterinary orthopedic manipulation) and MFR (Myofacial Release). We have watched the progress of Mikey over the years and he is doing well because of keeping up with these Manipulations.

Mikey goes for a 20 minute to half hour walk every day. He was starting to stumble and this has almost completely stopped. Again, it has been imperative to his health to receive this treatment at least once a month. Dr. DiLeva keeps a close eye on Mikey and if he needs more treatments because of the stumbling or colder weather, then he goes more often. This is a lot better then putting him through any surgery. If you see Mikey, you would never guess his age to be 16.

Kathleen Volpone

Smokey’s Story

It has been some time since Smokey passed (July). He is still in our memories and always will be. Would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for making Smokey comfortable and helping extend his life, as other Vet’s we had taken him earlier could not. Smokey was a really good patient and went with the program. I would recommend you to all as it is clear to see how good your services are. I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner but was sad about the loss of Smokey. Anyway, thanks again for everything and Smokey thanks you too.

Bob Maidhof

Sheldon 's Story

Sheldon is a sweet, fifteen year old Russian Blue cat that I adopted from CAN four and a half years ago after he had been abandoned. He developed allergies and was pulling out his fur around his neck and tummy and I did not want to give him a potentially dangerous medication so I investigated The Animal Well ness Center in Chadds Ford, PA and met holistic veterinarian Dr. Rose Di leva and her loving, skilled staff. She did blood work on Sheldon to determine what he was allergic to and once we knew the culprits and eliminated these things from his diet, his coat grew in thick and shiny. He did not have to take any dangerous steroids for his allergies. His coat remains beautiful.

Two years ago Sheldon began to vomit and have diarrhea and Dr. Rose gave him the blood test to determine if he had IBS or lymphoma. Unfortunately Sheldon was diagnosed with lymphoma, and I had to decide what course of treatment would help give Sheldon a quality, longer life. After investigating the options, I decided on Dr. Rose’s recommendation of Vitamin C therapy. Sheldon received several treatments in a row, then once a week and then once a month. Sheldon’s symptoms improved quickly and the excessive vomiting and diarrhea became less and less frequent. Sheldon did not have to endure any painful treatments that made him sick,

He goes for Vitamin C every six weeks or so at this point and it has been two years since he started treatment, He had been losing weight when he was first diagnosed and he gained back the pound he lost, His weight has remained about the same over this two-year period, His appetite has improved and most of the time nobody would even know that he had this disease, He is about fifteen years old and sometimes he plays like he is two, He has the beginnings of kidney disease but his numbers have not increased that much, and I cannot help but think that the Vitamin C has helped his kidneys too.

I thank Dr, Rose and her compassionate, experienced staff for giving Sheldon a longer, quality life, Sheldon is getting excellent loving care with the Animal Well ness family, I am so happy to be able to get a treatment for Sheldon that is giving him more quality time at a reasonable cost, I highly recommend Dr, Rose and her staff at Animal Wellness and so does Sheldon, As a matter of fact, he gives them FOUR PAWS UP!

Cathie and Sheldon

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