What We Treat


Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles into specific points on the body for the purposes of healing. Acupuncture provides nervous system stimulation, enhances blood flow and releases Anti-inflammatory and paint relieving hormones, such as serotonin, which will reduce pair in your pet.


Aqua-puncture is and acupuncture technique in which a liquid agent is utilized to stimulate the acupuncture points. I utilized cobalamin or vitamin b12 to do this. Treatments are quick and effective and  provide prolonged stimulation to the acupuncture points. This technique works well in pets that are restless and cannot be expected to keep still for regular dry needs acupuncture which lasts 15 – 20 minutes.  Aqua-puncture can take less that 5 minutes.


Electroacupuncture is a form of acupuncture in which a very small electrical current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles.  Treatments last 15 – 20 minutes. 

Gold Bead Implantations
Holistic Pain Management
Laser Therapy

LLLT is also called Cold Laser or Photobiomodulation therapy. It is completely non-invasive.  The beams are directed at treatment areas without the need to touch your pet.  The process stimulates most cells, muscles, ligaments, nerves and cartilage to promote the body’s natural healing. 


Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese Medicine therapy.  It involves applying heat to the acupuncture needle using the herb, Mugwort. This technique relieves pain and increases circulation to the area.

Ozone Therapies
Rabies Waivers, when warranted.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

TCM is a healing medical approach that has existed for more that 3,000 years in China.  It aims to restore balance and harmony in the body.  TCM strives to balance the flow of energy Life Force, known as Qi (Chee), throughout the body.

Vaccine Titer Testing:

A Titer Test is a simple blood test that checks for the presence of specific antibodies in the blood. This is a test to see if your pet has immunity to certain diseases. If antibodies are present, your pet has immunity and would not require re-vaccinations. 

The Titer Tests we provide include Distemper virus, Adenovirus and Parvo Virus. Results are available within 24 – 48 hours. I recommend a yearly check.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

VOM is a healing technology that locates areas of the animal’s nervous system that has fallen out of communication, and re-establishes neuronal communication and this induces healing.  VOM is fast, effective and safe.

VOM Can Treat: Lameness, Intervertebral Disc Disease, Hip Dysplasia problems, Urinary and Fecal Incontinence, Wobbler’s Disease, Knee Diseases, Digestive Disorders, Esophageal Disease, Behavioral Problems, Endocrine Disease and more…

The hand-held device that reduces all subluxations is called an activator. It will apply a specified amount of force into the sublimated joint to correct the subluxation.

Allergy Testing
Chinese Herbology

Take advantage of time-tested Chinese herbology treatments for your pet. You can always rely on our spectacular doctor for tremendously compassionate service.

Prolozone therapy

Prolozone therapy is a recognized orthopedic procedure that stimulates the body’s own healing processes to strengthen and repair injured and painful joints and connective tissue. It involves injecting a combination of local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory medications, homeopathics, vitamins, proliferatives and ozone/oxygen gas into the degenerated or injured joint.   Prolozone therapy is excellent for all forms of musculoskeletal conditions, anterior cruciate ligament ruptures, joint pain, degenerative and arthritic hips, knees, shoulders and degenerated discs.

Glaucoma Testing
Holistic Cancer Treatment
Intravenous Ascorbate (Vitamin C) Infusions
Natural Flea/Tick Options
Thimerosal- Free Rabies Vaccines
Wellness Examinations
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